Staff Turnover: Why HR Retention Strategies Fail?
Staff retention is one of the most critical issue facing companies today. This is not only a reality in Cyprus: it is a global corporate reality faced by companies of all sizes, industries and corporate brand names. Sure this has much to do with shortage of skilled labor, economic growth and employee turnover. However, many companies fail to understand that the basic premise for high staff turnover in a company is directly the result of how the management deals with their staff.

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Human Resource BPO deals are getting bigger
Human Resources Business Process Outsourcing (HR BPO) may have existed since the 1970s, when companies farmed out a single, transactional task like payroll or benefits. However, 1999 marked the launch of what experts call “full spectrum outsourcing,” which is the transfer of transactional elements of five or more major HR processes to an outsourcer at one time. That means a company will give the outsourcer control of any combination of HR functions, including benefits, health and welfare, performance, measurements and rewards, retirement, technology and so on.

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HR - Make No Mistake About It
Human Resources is the latest in a series of terms used to describe the management of the people or employee component of your business. Depending on how long you have been in the workplace, you may have referred to this as personnel, industrial relations, employee relations or human relations.

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Retention measures at Hi-tech companies
Across industries, increasing the organization’s level of professionalism, instituting an objective performance appraisal system, and ensuring a match between responsibility and authority are the three most-used techniques to improve retention. Nevertheless, hi-tech companies, such as information technology and telecom companies, focus their efforts on three more techniques: increasing employee satisfaction, designing competitive compensation packages, and involving employees in the decision-making process.

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How to manage your career like a business
Look upon yourself as a company with a product or service to sell. Understand your market and devise a marketing campaign, remembering that companies hire employees who offer them the best results and the best value for money.

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Team Building: Leadership Strategies To Address Today's Most Common Team Building Problems
Despite best team building efforts, many organizations are still operating on low power when it comes to producing desired results. They've invested time and dollars in events that supposedly help team members bond and function coherently, yet results are short term at best.

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